A-Cero Archticets again proved their capacity in terms of design, the following is an apartment by A-Cero. When we see this apartment designs, the impression of luxury, comfort, and quality immediately welcomed us. Large windows and skylights in the lounge, dining room and halls make this apartment has a high luminosity. Coupled with the white walls and roof make cleanliness and warmth sensation of the interior of this apartment to be felt. Almost the entire floor in this apartment is a wooden floor.With the application of modern furnitures looks very perfect to stay here. Although from outside the building, this apartment looks seem ordinary. So we can conclude that creativity and intelligence are very important in building your shelter. do you agree?

Modern lounge design of Serrano Apartment

So much luminosity gained by the large windows

Skylight in the hall makes cleanliness and warmth sensations in the interior

Living room of Serrano looks elegant and comfort

Wooden floor staircase with glass rail

Modern bedroom design with large shade

Other bedroom design of Serrano Apartment

This room looks intended for work space or reading

Photos by Luis H. Segovia