Modern House

2802, 2012

The Pump House Remodeling Into A Truly Modern House in UK

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Whether you’re looking for unique home areas north of England? And did you also a person who likes words state-of-the art? Let’s take a look at The Pump House following. this exceptional two-story building is the result of a notable architecture conversion and located in the north of […]

2512, 2011

Croatian Elegant House Project Called Jelenovac Residence

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This contemporary house called Jelenovac Residence and located in Zagren, Croatia. The elegant house completed with white facade and natural stone walls. For more details of this elegant house, let’s see the the architects(DVA Arhitekta) description : “The house is positioned in a way that […]

712, 2011

Mont-ras Residence Modern House Design Reminiscent of Stone Fortresses

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Here is the construction of a modern, clean and sleek architecture design of Mont-ras Residence. Mont-ras Residence is a work of the collaboration of Spanish architect Marta Garcia-Orte with Principal of Zamagni Zamora, Antonio Zamora.This minimalist and modern house situated in Mont-ras, a mostly […]

2611, 2011

The Avenue Residence, Two Homes in One Single Structure

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The Avenue Residence is two homes linked as one, this beautiful home was designed by Neil Architecture and is a multi-residential building located in Melbourne, Australia. Here is the architects description about The Avenue Residence: “as a rejection of this prevailing model, the project sought to sensitively […]

1011, 2011

Modern Home Extension Showing a Smart Architecture in Germany

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A modern and original home extension designed by the architecture company, dmvA. This modern home extension is given the name “VB4” and located in rural area Brecht, Germany. VB4 has unique design, if you see it there are two main parts ie. […]

811, 2011

Contemporary Apartments With Mix of Light and Panoramic Sea View, La Grande Vue

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The following is a house that was organized into two apartments, that is La Grande Vue 5A residence situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Both apartments have a luxurious interior design and a curved balcony shapes like waves. It appears that these forms represent incredible ocean views located […]