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2512, 2011

Croatian Elegant House Project Called Jelenovac Residence

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This contemporary house called Jelenovac Residence and located in Zagren, Croatia. The elegant house completed with white facade and natural stone walls. For more details of this elegant house, let’s see the the architects(DVA Arhitekta) description : “The house is positioned in a way that […]

1611, 2011

SN House in Brazil Made for Large Family Who Loves to Have Many Guests

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Do you and your family love to have many guest in the week-end? If yes, the residence below must be very suitable for you. It’s SN House which designed by  Studio Guilherme Torres, and SN House especially developed for family who loves to have many guests. SN House is a modern […]

2810, 2011

Static House: Impressing Contemporary Residence in Jakarta, Indonesia

By |October 28th, 2011|Categories: Home Design, Minimalist Designs|Tags: , , , , , , , |2 Comments

Static House is an impressing contemporary residence located in Jakarta, Indonesia. This house created by TWS & Partner studio based in Jakarta. Static House built in 7,530 square foot, the exterior looks pretty simple but luxury with plants which gives ‘eye-catching’ touch. For more details, take a look […]

1210, 2011

Simple But Elegant Residence: The Vertical House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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São Paulo-based studio Isay Weinfeld has designed an elegant 3,767 square foot, two-story simple but elegant residence called The Vertical House. This simple house especially aimed for the young single man, and this house located in São Paulo, Brazil. For further information, here is the explanation from the designer: […]

609, 2011

Minimalist House with Blend of Black, White, and Grey Decorations – minimalist home.

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This is a minimalist house with a good blend of black, white, and grey. Wooden beams on the ceiling gives the impression of natural, they look rough but very organic. To highlight the color of the ceiling the designers make all the white space and fill it with […]

609, 2011

A Simple and Attractive Red Box House

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Here is the simple box home design in red color. Indeed a very attractive building, as seen in the picture. The house built in letter L shape. Although the Red box house is not wide enoug, we can still feel the spacious area inside the house. It’s because the right […]