2811, 2011

Drop Light, Rechargeable Lamps Which Will Beautify Your Room

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People from Doolight very creative, it is evidenced by the creation of a new concept of light Drop Light. This is a lamp that can be rechargeable, rechargeable lighting consists of units called “drops”, the which are cordless and Heartless. The […]

711, 2011

Stunning Action Figure Lamps Evil Robot Designs

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All kids must possess the heroes of their childhood like a superhero or the action figures, sometime when they are old they still wanted their idol to fulfill a side of the house by placing action figure toys in their collection cupboard. But not infrequently some of them […]

1108, 2011

Beautiful Summer Pendant Lighting

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Summer is now upon us and sure we know that this is the lighting season. To enjoy the balmy evenings with comfort and style of course we still need to have a well lit interior, and exterior exactly.

Here is a pendant light which might be the best choice to make […]

1504, 2011

Diva Lamp The Beautiful Floor and Pendant Lamp by Norther Lighting

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For all fans of unique and beautiful lamps, please take a look at this one. Northern Lighting has created a floor and pendant lamp named Diva Lamp by their designer, Peter Thomas and Egset Natedal. Diva is a contemporary light as the result of wood sculptures. […]

1004, 2011

Cactus Lamp by Kara Bartlet for toHOLD

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Live Lamp designed by Kara Bartlet is shaped a round cactus trees that glow. This may be intended to the lovers of cactus trees, so they can put this beautiful cactus as a decoration in the house. It is a shining nest eighty v live crop Fuschii air tillandsia Gracillis […]

604, 2011

Cool and Cozy Garden Lamp called OCO Lamp from Santa&Cole

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This is a cool garden lamp, will certainly make your patio look cozy and nice at night. It is Ambient OCO lamp from Santa & Cole, simple shapes such as interior table lamp, but with so it makes it into an elegant garden lights. OCO lights are energy-saving […]