1801, 2013

The 5 Top Trends for Home Design in 2013

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Designers and homeowners alike are looking for something warmer than the cold stainless steel minimalism that has been so prevalent over the last two decades. Whilst many frontline designers have started experimenting on showroom floors, 2013 is tipped to see a significant resurgence of organic shapes, colours and textures in […]

612, 2012

Marcin Wielgosz’s Innovative and Functional Sofa

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Head designer at merely, Marcin Wielgosz, has created wonderful and functional sofa called Hocky. Hocky is a comfortable and functional piece of furniture, made entirely of segments which once sticked together, form a comfy sofa. Each segments have their own individual functionality. It is serving as armchairs.

Hocky’s […]

612, 2012

Studio Oato’s Minimalist Chair Design With An Elegant Appearance

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This minimalist chair named Stuck Chair and design by Utrecht based Studio Oato. The Stuck chair has been applied for the ARC12 Chair design contest initiated by Thonet and dutch architecture magazine de Architect. This chair was created by taking apart all the elements […]

2911, 2012

Great Alternative To Residential Chairs By Martz Edition

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Need awesome furniture for completing your residential space? We recommend these chairs. Marzt Edition’s A 500 2 Chair has a contemporary shape available in four design variants, the Confort version boasts power, the Eiffel one is reminiscent of the complex construction of France’s symbol, the Stripes version constructs a soberer […]

1111, 2011

Enignum Chairs Collection by Joseph Walsh Represent Modern Chairs Evolutionary

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Evolution and art can become a very important element in the design. as well as on Enignum Chairs Collection by Joseph Walsh below. Chairs are very fantastic that is a form of a success in evolutionary of modern chairs. This chair is made from a combination of olive […]

1708, 2011

Multi-color Striped Chair of Lacquered Beech by UK Furniture Designer :- Trendy Chair :- Modern Chairs.

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Mr.Smith the Second is chair of beech with multi-layered color by English furniture designer, Anthony Hartley. Once the color seemed like a giant lollipop. Chairs made ??of beech wood stained with high-gloss lacquer colors and slatted designs that only emphasize the lines of the chair. The design of this colorful […]