702, 2013

Upgrade Your Two Story House with A Staircase Makeover

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A staircase makeover can do amazing things to breathe new life into your existing two story house plan. The staircase is often a major functional and design element in two story homes. Just remodeling the stairs can add value and beauty to any home, whether the stairs are meant to […]

2401, 2013

Doghouse In Modern Sofa

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You have dog at home? And sometimes he distrub your relaxing break? You should read this article. Sofa Dog Houses is the latest breakthrough was designed for you and your dog at home. Dog House Sofa, designed by “Min n Mun” is a fantastic piece of furnishing, ideal […]

701, 2012

10 Cool and Wonderful Living Room Design and Decorating Ideas

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Living room is the important place in a house, in the living room we can share and come together with our family and even our guests will feel comfort when come in living room. A place where a lot of activities done here, will be perfect if we make the […]

201, 2012

7 Coolest Fireplaces from 2011

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In this winter we all know one thing that the most usually useful thing for us, that is Fireplaces. Yes, fireplaces can provide warmth and comfort when the air is very cold outside. And for now we will provide some cool fireplaces that we have posted in 2011 to give warmth for you.

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201, 2012

Christmas Decorating Ideas in 2011

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We all know that Christmas has just passed but the joy of Christmas still can be felt by us. Below we provide our various posts about the Christmas Decorating Ideas in 2011. Enjoy the inspirations.

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101, 2012

Happy New Year, Let’s Welcome The 2012 with Full of Spirit

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Hello everybody, today was a special day and the Home and Furniture Gallery to say happy new year 2012. It does not feel that 2011 has passed and now it’s time wewelcome 2012 with full of spirit. Many things we have passed in previous years,whether it is good or bad things but we have to keep respond positively.
So does with Home and Furniture Gallery, a lot of things we went through in 2011 ago. We also have presented various ways to keep in touch with you. such as ourFacebook PageTwitter, and […]