A transparent glass table top is pierced by the body of an animal, making it look like the “beast” is emerging out of the water. This Animal Coffee and Dining Table is Mark Stoddart’s. This table is quite interesting alternative to a simple coffee and dining table design. There are different versions, such as like Hippo “The Lad” Coffee Table, Hippo Mother and Baby Coffee Table, the Bronze Rhino Table, the table depicting an elephant or the one adorning the glass table top with a dog. There are so much versions that you can choose. They all look like coming out of the water, except the rhino, he may feel better under water. The table that representate a mother and her baby is also shows their love upon the table. The designer bolted the animal to the glass surface in each table sculpture and securing it with handmade PTF grommets. Bespoke pieces are produced and even your beloved animal can be replicated in bronze to be displayed in your coffee and dining table.

Hippo Table Close View

Hippo Table

Sitting Hippo Table

width and height details oh hippo coffee table


Various Animals

Animal Coffe and Dining Table

Hippo Table with Chairs