Choosing the right bedroom furniture is not that easy especially since there are plenty of choices online. If you choose to select from a broad category, it may be helpful to determine whether you want to go for a cottage, traditional, exotic, or transitional design. It is all about the theme.

Cottage Bedroom Theme

If you want to get painted beds and colors such as off-white or solid white colors, then you will likely to be glad to choose this theme. Beds that fall in this category are commonly made of wicker or wood. They can bring an outdoor appeal to a garden cottage theme. You may also want to choose bed covers that will accentuate the style. You can find online stores that will help you customize your beds and other bed furnishings that fall under this theme.

bedroom furniture choice

Cottage bedroom theme

Traditional Bedroom Theme

This is one of the most famous themes to implement into your bedroom. However, you can also make use of mixed media for an added traditional appeal. Although it is not common to see traditional bedrooms that come with stone, leather, or iron, it may also be nice to apply some innovations to accent a traditional bedroom. If you would like to go for a variety, then you can add in night stands, upholstered seating, and cheval mirrors for a new touch on a traditional theme. On the other hand, you can also choose a distressed finishing which can also provide a new look to your traditional bedroom. For colors, you can opt for natural cherry.

bedroom with traditional furnitures

Bedroom with traditional furnitures theme

Exotic Bedroom Theme

For the exotic appeal, you can choose to combine all ideas of a traditional, transitional, and garden cottage styles. When you consider an exotic theme, you can look for cultural influences such as a West Indies style which implements mahogany finishes and rattan. On the other hand, you can choose a Sahara style which uses a lot of canopies, sandstone, and palm leaves. There is also the Caribbean style is marked by bright colors, coconut husks, and grasses. There are the Native American influences which use a lot of rug patterns or precious stones. Although this does not compose all styles known as exotic, this can give you a good idea of how these themes are implemented for bedroom furniture. With the exotic theme, anything goes. You can mix and match every influence that you can think of.

exotic bedroom theme

Exotic bedroom theme

Transitional Bedroom Theme

This type of theme is actually a broad category to consider. It fits somewhere in between a contemporary and traditional theme. This bedroom styling can draw influences from both categories. In some homes, you may find something transitional which leans more towards a traditional look. When you have chosen this style, it will be easier to choose your bedroom pieces.

transitional bedroom theme

Transitional bedroom theme

Choosing furniture for the bedroom may be easier if you stick to the theme that you have chosen. Although there are many furniture styles and decorations to select from, you will see that everything will follow once you have selected a theme to apply to your bedroom. It is important to study your options and before selecting bedroom furniture so that you are happy with your decision later on.

Written by Rey Ryan, Rey is a passionate bedroom furniture writer with expertise in home design and architecture. He explores the world to find various home decorating influences, ideas, and innovations.