While there is no doubt that stone tiles can lend an unmatched natural beauty to your showers, cleaning these tiles has to be done very carefully because stone is delicate and can easily be damaged if strong household chemicals are used. Nonetheless, you can clean stone tiles in the shower by keeping the following ten tips in mind before beginning your ‘stone-tile cleaning’ operation:

(i) Use lukewarm water and mild dish soap: A cleaning solution comprising lukewarm water and mild dish soap should be smeared on the stone tiles with a piece of cloth, paying special attention to spills or stains. Once the solution has been used, the tiles can either be wiped with a clean cloth or rinsed with plain water.

White shower room design with stone tiles

(ii) Use soft cloth: It is advisable to use a soft cloth or a sponge for cleaning the stone tiles in a shower. Such a cloth can help you easily buff the tiles without leaving any marks or abrasions of any kind; and give the tiles a perfectly-cleaned look.

(iii) Clean grout joints: The cleaning of stone tiles can never be complete till the grout joints are properly cleaned too, to give the shower a sparkling finish. You can clean the grout joints with an old toothbrush or a soft scrubber during your cleaning operation.

(iv) Use non-acidic stone cleaners: Since stones like marble, limestone and travertine are calcite-based, tiles made of these stones should ideally be cleaned using non-acidic cleaners or neutral pH cleaners, and non-acidic mortar, cement, and efflorescence removers.

(v) Avoid abrasive cleaners: Any kind of abrasive cleaners, vinegar and ammonia etc. should be avoided while cleaning the stone tiles because such cleaners can cause pits and blemishes on the tiles.

Stone Tiles Bathroom Design Ideas

Stone Tiles Bathroom Design Ideas

(vi) Don’t allow spills and stains to set in: One of the most important things for cleaning stone tiles is cleaning up of spills and stains at the earliest; otherwise they may set in and make spotless cleaning of the tiles very difficult.

(vii) Follow manufacturer’s instructions if using stone cleaners: In case you are using a branded cleaning products or a mild and mildew remover for cleaning stone tiles, it is essential that you follow the ‘instructions for use’ guidelines given by the manufacturer before using the product.

(viii) Take time to clean: Since cleaning of stone tiles is not a task that you will undertake every other day, it is important that you take time to execute the cleaning nicely so that the shower looks nice and spotless.

Stone Tiles on a Bathroom

(ix) Re-seal tiles and grout if required: You may have to re-seal the stone tiles after cleaning if the overall effect looks dull. A resealing of the tiles and grout, whenever required, can go a long way in keeping the tiles clean.

(x) Always test cleaners before use: One of the most basic things to bear in mind while cleaning stone tiles in a shower is to test the cleaners on a small, unnoticeable patch before applying the product on all the tiles. A testing of the products prior to their actual use on all the shower tiles can help avoid any kind of cleaning disasters later!

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